JavaScript Trace & Debug Tool. List Of Fetures
Normal Trace Function trace("msg") , Works Like Alert:
Write Something down there

Also trace() has a second usage,
now it can print the parameters by gettin argument like inputs, so printing the function arguments is more easy now.

Associative Array Function traceAssoc(), prints the each associative element of the given array with their keys:
Array Function traceArr(), prints the each element of the given array:
Error Handling Tracer Can Handle The Errors. It Can Show you the error name, line number and file name, You can define custom Error messages by using the traceError() function. it is usable for try catch blocks, also you can stop the Error handling.
Run JS tab On the run js tab you can write any javascript code and run it in realtime.
it is a very useful property

String Function traceStr(), prints the each Character of the given string with their positions:
Watch Function Watch function display the content of the form elemets that we gave the ids. watch now follow more than one element.
You can try it here. just write the ID's in watch box as shown here
when the textboxes changed it will be displayed.

Miscellaneous Tracer remembers the last position, last state, last tab and last settings by using cookies.
Refresh the page and try it yourself.
Also there are style improvements.
Speed optimizations.
and lots of things which I can't remember. :)
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